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Preventing injuries before they happen is an important part of being an active adult. We do pre-particiption screens, and we design fitness programs catered to your favorite activities.

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Treatment and injury rehabilitation are a core part of our business. We focus on helping active adults recover from injuries and return to lifestyles they love.

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Precise evaluation of strength, flexibility and endurance often reveal training opportunities for increased athletic performance.

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The Healthcare environment in our nation is changing at a scary pace. To keep up, many physicians and clinics are becoming part of larger, corporate conglomerates. As patients, you know what this feels like…It starts with the gamble of getting your “referral,” hoping that you get assigned to a highly-skilled, compassionate, physical therapist for your treatment. Next is waiting for your “Golden Ticket,” when your insurance company finally approves the treatment. Then comes the “conveyor belt” experience at your appointments: “Get ‘em in and get ‘em out!”

It is time for a revolutionary new way for patients to utilize the benefits of physical therapy. Led by Dr. Matt Allen, the Chief Physical Therapy team is dedicated to creating a unique and superior physical therapy experience. Our clients are never passed off to an aide or treated simultaneously with other patients. This assures that our clients’ problems are being listened to, their conditions are assessed completely, and their treatment program is comprehensive and carried out with precision.

“I had an incredible experience with Matt! He helped me 2 days before Christmas and took care of my stiff neck. He not only relieved the pain and allowed more movement, but he gave me exercises to do to help with the pain if it happened again. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” Danny

“My husband and I were both patients of Dr. Allen’s. He was very thorough and sincere in his approach to everyone. Always asking what you felt was going and then explaining what type of treatment he would be doing for you that day to help you in the healing process. Dr. Allen is very professional but very warm and friendly. Whenever we may need Physical Therapy in the future, we will be going to Chief Physical Therapy again.” John & Betty

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